Europe is evolving - the strong momentum can be seen in the current demographic, social, structural, cultural and economic transformations that are underway. European cities are focal points full of tradition and history and as such are facing the challenges associated with these transformations. We must ensure that appropriate preconditions are provided in future for housing, industry, public services and culture and that a high quality of life is ensured. A key requirement for this is an urban identity, which is defined to a large extent by a city's structural-spatial attractiveness and its approach to architectural heritage. Aside from individual monuments, it is the urban structures and urban landscape defining buildings from different eras that are highly regarded and valued by residents and visitors alike. These structures and buildings form the various historic layers which reflect economic and social developments of the past, historic breaks, and also changing building principles and planning concepts.

Current and future approaches to these echelons of history, i.e. to the existing urban structure, with historically significant urban spaces and also the individual monuments are crucial factors for achieving a high spatial-structural urban profile, remaining attractive for high quality functions and for appropriation by all groups of a modern urban society. Linking urban development and the preservation of historic monuments in today's urban planning is therefore also a European matter when it comes to urban practices, as the basic values of European urban tradition influencing our common identity could also be used as a driving force for future development.

The congress is about the framework conditions and opportunities for a future-oriented approach to historic architectural structures in European cities in this sense and the possibilities and limits for preserving and valuing important layers of history, but also resources, instruments and alliances needed in future.


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2nd European Congress - European cities and their Heritage
topic: The faces of history in European cities //
08./09. December 2016 bcc Berlin