The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety is hosting the 2nd European Congress "European Cities and their heritage" in Berlin on 8 and 9 December 2016. This year's topic is "The faces of history in European cities".

Compact urban structures, historical buildings from different eras and a vibrant functional diversity are features that make European cities unique. The ever changing needs and requirements to be met by cities across the centuries have furnished our cities with a wide range of buildings and urban structures. This superimposition and parallel evolution of architectural developments gave rise to different layers of history which can still be seen today in every European city.

The 2nd European Congress "European Cities and their heritage" focuses on opportunities and possibilities for using visible and hidden layers of history as starting points for the future-oriented development of European cities. Building on the first European Congress in 2011 "The Heritage of the City - Europe's Future", the Federal Environment Ministry is continuing the Europe-wide discourse on holistic urban development and the protection of the urban architectural heritage. Experts and stakeholders are meeting for a two-day exchange of experience to reflect across national borders on similarities and connections as well as on differences and divisions and to draw up recommendations for action for the future of European cities.

Decision-makers, urban planners, architects, heritage conservationists, scientists, urban researchers, active citizens and other interested parties across Europe are cordially invited to participate in a discussion with renowned experts on future-oriented approaches to layers of history in cities. Participants will be provided with different formats for engaging in discussions and obtaining information, e.g. plenary presentations, arena discussions and panel discussions.

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2nd European Congress - European cities and their Heritage
topic: The faces of history in European cities //
08./09. December 2016 bcc Berlin